The Stego Difference

Our Socks Rock!

We’ve spent countless sleepless nights formulating the perfect sock concoctions. Though we’d love to take credit for “sugar and spice and everything nice”, the recipe for our perfect products lies in our flawless fabric formulas and performance fit model.


Fabric Formulas

We know our sock-stuff, that’s why we developed Fabric Formulas that target your intended adventure and provide support in the areas that your feet need most. Each Stego series is meticulously crafted to provide prime breathability, cushioning, and most importantly security (no, they’re not password protected, we mean these babies will stay up on your foot!). Learn more about Fabric Formulas here or check out the Fabric Formula facts on each product page to learn more about how each Formula supports your feet.


Performance Fit Features

We know, every brand has their version of performance fit. It’s not necessarily original and we’re definitely not alone, but we do think our fit features are worth bragging about.

  • Keep Up Cuff – Each of our cuffs are carefully crafted to keep your sock from bunching and your foot from blistering.
  • Tapered Toe – It’s true that each set of toes is different. We’ve come up with a toe fit that tapers juuuust right to support as many toe shapes as possible. Plus, our toe seam is placed strategically, so you won’t have any irritation or bunching.
  • Arch Support – We made our arch support as wide as possible to fight fatigue in the middle region of your foot.
  • Hi-tech Heel Holding - *We want to hold your heeeeeel*! Fine, that’s not how it goes. Regardless, we crafted our heel to cradle the back of your foot perfectly and reduce blistering.
  • WickLink Channels – Lots of socks feature top of the foot ventilation (including many of ours). When we were developing our cooling technology, we asked ourselves, “What about the bottoms?”. And behold, the WickLink Channel was born. This special stitching pattern creates areas on the bottom of our socks that has almost a mesh-like feel, allowing moisture and heat to escape. If our socks were a building, the WickLink Channels would be automatic doors – they let sweat and heat escape whenever it’s ready to leave. No more sweat along the bottom of your foot, that’s just not comfortable!


Universal Unisex 

As part of our mission to create socks for every adventure, Stegos are intentionally designed unisex to tend to every silhouette. Whether your toes resemble big foot's close relative (large, get it), or your petite feet would slip out of Cinderella's glass slipper - you can find the right Stego sock by following our Universal Unisex size chart.


Lifetime Guarantee

Did we mention our socks last for life? Well not the exact same pair for life (you should change your socks every once and awhile … you know, for hygiene reasons), but we do have a lifetime guarantee on every pair of Stego socks. If your socks have been loved a little too hard, drop us a line and we’ll get you a new pair of Stegos so you can keep trekkin’ on.