Stego Holiday Gift Guide


Stuff their stockings with what they crave this holiday season - new socks! Their feet will feel great in our quality materials and performance-focused designs. Gifting Stego socks will bring joy to your wallet with our affordable pricing (plus holiday sales!) and you'll feel good by supporting a small, family-owned, made in the USA company! So, whether you're shopping for the hiker, runner, or everyday-lifer in your circle - we've got your holiday shopping list covered. 


Socks for the Hikers, Campers, & Outdoor Adventurers

Our set of Trail Socks series are the go-to socks for anyone who loves the great outdoors. We built each sock trailhead tough, so their feet will be protected through muddy excursions, chilly meanders, or sweaty scales up your neighborhood mountain. Here are some great options for the outdoors-person in your life.


Classic Hiker

Classic Hiker Medium Merino Wool Crew Socks in Black Heather

Anyone who rocks this crew sock will feel supported during their day out on the trail with full-sock medium cushion. Plus, the high amount of Merino Wool in this sock will keep their feet comfortable, no matter the weather!



TrailTec+ Cushioned Merino Wool Crew Hiking Socks in Glacier Grey

TrailTec crews are made with our amazing PolyTec+ Merino Wool Fabric Formula, with targeted Merino Wool placement to keep feet dry and comfy. Plus, the vented top panel and bottom WickLink Channel allow for the whole foot to breathe!


Socks for the Runners 

The Running Socks series on our site are made for, you guessed it, running. These socks are the perfect gift for every runner, from the marathoner to the beginner and every runner in between. 



 RunTec No Show Tab Performance Socks in Black

These no show running socks have built in landing pad protection to fight against blisters and sock wear. The tab on the rear of the cuff also reduces ankle friction and keeps the sock on your foot. Available in light and ultra light fabric weights.



EnduroTec+ Merino Wool Performance Socks in Grey

EnduroTecs are great for outdoor and trail runners. They're built for durability and protection with a double layer cuff to keep debris out of their sock and our PolyTec+ Merino Wool Fabric Formula to keep their feet dry and odor free. Available in micro crew, 1/4 crew, and light no show or ultra light no show.


Socks for Exercise Enthusiasts

When it comes to the athletic-type, we've got the series that can support their (often sweaty) needs - Athletic Socks. Series included in our athletic category are more broad than running socks and can support many types of workouts. From cycling and crossfit, to basketball or golfing, you name it - these socks will support those feet. 



StrideTec Casual Socks

This series is made with our quickest drying material yet - the HydroTec Fabric Formula. These moisture-wicking powerhouses will keep their feet dry and comfy during every workout. Available in crew, ultra light 1/4 crew or cushioned 1/4 crew, and ultra light no show or cushioned no show



EcoSport Eco-Friendly No Show Performance Socks

These socks are great for working out and great for the environment! Our only sock style made with recycled yarn and a natural conditioning technique, so we can fight odor and bacteria from sweaty feet without harsh chemicals.


Socks for Everyday Wearers

Everyone (well, mostly everyone) needs socks - why not treat them to socks that will support them on even the busiest of days? Stego Everyday Socks are just that - socks that are made to keep feet comfy through whatever life throws at you. Here are some socks that will bring a smile to any face this holiday season.



StrideTec+ Merino Wool Crew Socks

Everyday socks deserve the wonderful benefits of Merino Wool, too! The '+' in these StrideTecs represents the presence of our favorite powerhouse material - Merino Wool! These socks are sure to keep their feet cool and comfortable, no matter what the day brings! Available in cushioned and ultra light weights.



Commuter+ Ultra Light Merino Wool Crew Socks

These crew socks are perfect for anyone that is constantly on the go! The fun striped pattern is made of our awesome Polytec+ Merino Wool Fabric Formula. Combine that with the ultra light fabric weight and you're setting your loved one up for some easy-breezy days with cool feet!



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